Like a Real Flower, the Beauty of Burberry Peony Lip & Cheek Bloom Is Ephemeral

Burberry Peony No. 05 Lip & Cheek Bloom photos, review, swatch, look

It didn’t take long for me to cave in and order a new Burberry Lip & Cheek Bloom. After all, who can resist “an airy, petal-soft flush of color inspired by the hues of an English country garden?” My pick corresponds with my favorite shade as well as flower for the moment, Peony.

Burberry online shopping packaging

First of all, I know this is irrelevant, but let me just say the Burberry website does the most incredible packaging. I swear I ticked the “minimal packaging” box, yet this is how a single cream blush arrived! The box is as solid as one you’d get from a proper jewelry brand. It is a little hard to pry open when there is nothing weighty in it, so I haven’t figured out what I’ll repurpose it for (I was thinking bobby pins, but I don’t own that many).

Burberry Lip & Cheek Bloom packaging

Burberry Lip & Cheek Bloom is housed in a square glass pot with the signature Burberry checkered gunmetal lid. Unsurprisingly, it is well-done with a lovely heft.

The formula of Burberry Lip & Cheek Bloom is very silicone-heavy. I would call the consistency a cream/mousse hybrid. Initially, the texture feels a bit “slippery” on the skin, but soon it sets and you won’t be able to feel anything anymore. It blends out very easily, and to a certain extent the buildable claim holds true. You can sheer this out as much as you want, but you can also build it up quite a bit. It is hard to overapply such a formula, which means it’s great for those with a fairer skin tone as well as blush beginners. Peony seems like one of the more intense shades in the line-up. I can build it up until it is heavier than what I would normally wear, so I think it will also work for skin tones that are somehow darker than mine (NC 25-30).

Burberry Peony No. 05 Lip & Cheek Bloom closeup

Burberry Peony Lip & Cheek Bloom (No. 05. 3,5 grams/0,12 oz. 28 euros) is a reddish pinkish coral. You can see some specks of shimmer up close (although you really have to look for it), but it is absolutely invisible on the skin. The finish is very skin-like. It is neither a cream-to-powder formula nor a emollient and glowy one. It merges quite well with the skin. On my combination skin, it ends up being a bit more glowy after several hours, but it doesn’t look greasy in any way.

Burberry Peony Lip & Cheek Bloom swatch heavy/blended out:

Burberry Peony No. 05 Lip & Cheek Bloom swatch

From the swatches, you can probably spot the first problem with this formula: yes, it pills up. This is not that much of a problem when I actually use it on my cheeks (it could still happen, but not to the same extent), and in any case you can blend everything out very easily. What I have found is that there are surfaces it works better/worse on, which brings us to the second problem:

Burberry Lip & Cheek Bloom is picky about the base product you layer it on. I find that a more substantial foundation type of surface works better than a sheerer BB cream. It is easier to build up and it lasts longer on top of a foundation, whereas with a BB cream it fades really fast.

While I might be willing to disregard the aforementioned issues because there are easy ways around it, the fact is that even with a foundation and a bit of powder, the longevity is simply not there. I counted 7 hours of good wear, but all of a sudden, between the 7th and the 8th hour, significant fading took place. To be fair, it did not fade in a bad (read: patchy) way, but personally I don’t even wear a “substantial” foundation nowadays unless I want to look extra good for an extra long time, so 7 hours simply do not suffice. Even if you are just going to work, this means your blush would look faded before you can clock out. It is true that reapplication is easy, but especially considering the price tag, I find it hard to look past this. I know you can also layer a powder blush on top to increase the wear time, but it wouldn’t hurt to get something that is versatile enough to work on its own!

I never fully tested Peony out on my lips. I knew I wouldn’t want to use this on my lips, and I was right. It has a slightly powdery feeling that isn’t uncomfortable, but it is not very pleasant, either. If you want to use this as a dual-purpose product and you would like to know how it fares, leave a comment down below and I’ll test it out for you.

I did a look with Peony on my cheeks along with some of my recent favorites:

Burberry Peony No. 05 Lip & Cheek Bloom FOTD

Burberry Peony No. 05 Lip & Cheek Bloom look

Eyes: Tom Ford Naked Bronze.

Cheeks: Burberry Peony Lip & Cheek Bloom, Guerlain #2 Terracotta Bronzing Powder (review coming soon)

Lips: Chanel Insaisissable Rouge Allure

Nails: Rescue Beauty Lounge Sunny Skies

I have a hunch that this will be one of my go-to looks this summer, although probably with a blush I like better!

All in all, while I would never discourage you from checking something out (swatching, having it applied at the counter…), this is not a formula I am comfortable recommending, especially not when you have to blind buy. As usual, sit on your wallet for a bit and see what other reviewers have to say before you take the plunge!

Here is a question for you: how much are you willing to work for a product that does not perform 10/10? I used to have more patience, but it seems like I have lost quite a bit of it along the way (partially because I have already found formulas that are truly excellent)!

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