Guerlain Summer 2015 First Impression

Guerlain summer 2015 review

Hey there, beautiful people! Apologies for the slower pace around here. I’ve had quite some work on my hands, which makes putting on makeup properly a bit of a challenge. I’m hoping it’ll get better soon, but let’s take a quick look at *Guerlain Summer 2015 in the meantime! 

Guerlain My Terracotta Summer 2015 packaging

Guerlain never seems to go all out with their summer collections, but there are always a couple of interesting pieces in there. The star of this year is “My Terracotta (10 grams/0,35 oz. RRP in Belgium: 52,5 euros).” In other words, Guerlain Terrracotta #2 Bronzing Powder Moisturizing and Long Lasting is now dressed in a turquoise silicone shell, and #3 a coral one. The shell is removable, so you can slip your other Terracotta bronzers into it if you wish. It seems rather solid for the moment, and I am hoping it won’t become gummy as the temperature soars. Also, heads-up for my fellow furball mamas: do not set this down on a surface your four-pawed kids have access to, as dander does get stuck to it pretty easily.

Guerlain Terracotta #2 Natural Blondes closeup:

Guerlain 02 Natural Blondes Terracotta Bronzing Powder closeup

You see plenty of shimmer in the pan, but I am guessing it won’t show up on the skin. #2 seems very intense in the swatch, but the silky texture should make it easy to blend out.

Guerlain #2 Terracotta swatch:

Guerlain 02 Natural Blondes Terracotta Bronzing Powder swatch

Continuing with the turquoise theme, the limited edition Terracotta Sun Sun Protection Compact Foundation (SPF 20, water resistant. RRP for 8 grams/0,28 oz: 61 euros) is protected by a stretchy turquoise pouch.

Guerlain Terracotta Sun Protection Compact Foundation review

I am always a little apprehensive when I see a cream foundation, but this one turned out to have a pretty matte finish. The texture does not feel overly emollient, either. The only issue that I can see for the moment is that there are only two shades available. I received the lighter one, Sand. The darker shade is called Bronze.

Guerlain Sand Terracotta Sun Sun Protection Compact Foundation swatch:

Guerlain Terracotta Sun Protection Compact Foundation in Sand swatch

I’ve only had the chance to quickly dab some on so far, and this shade seems to blend well enough into my skin. I will test it out properly before I can come back and tell you how it really works!

Guerlain Blue Ocean Summer Shaddow & Blue Ocean La Laque Couleur review

Last but not least, there is a “Summer Shadow” and a La Laque Couleur named Blue Ocean.

Guerlain Blue Ocean Summer Shadow (7,5 ml/0,25 oz. RRP in Belgium: 32 euros) swatch:

Guerlain Blue Ocean Summer Shaddow swatch

I had high hopes for both, but I can already say I don’t think the eyeshadow will work too well on its own. As you can see, it seems rather sheer and not 100% even once you blend it out. I also have doubts about the waterproof claim, as the swatch can be easily removed with a micellar water. The shimmer could still look pretty on top of another cream shadow, but it probably won’t be the one-shade swipe, blend, and go type of product that I want in summer.

Guerlain Blue Ocean nail polish (700) review

I have heard different opinions on Blue Ocean La Laque Couleur (700. RRP in Belgium: 26 euros). It will look relatively even and opaque after two thicker coats, although you need to have a little patience to apply it right. Also, it tends to emphasize uneven patches on the nails. If your nails are healthy and smooth, it should be less of a problem.

Are you eyeing anything from this collection?


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